Ride with Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil – Quicksilver Q Crew
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Ride with Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil

High-performance two-stroke snowmobile engines lead demanding lives. These potent powerplants are expected to start in sub-zero cold, lug through wet spring snow and endure a 10-mile wide-open blast across a frozen lake, all while delivering reliable performance through radical changes in elevation and temperature. Using a high-quality oil is one key to maintaining two-stroke engine performance and reliability, and Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil has been engineered to protect your sled’s engine through the toughest conditions.

When it’s minus 20 degrees, your sled engine needs oil flow immediately on start-up. Some oils can’t handle the most-severe cold, but Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil is formulated to meet Category IV requirements, with a pour point exceeding -40° F for dependable lubrication in the coldest conditions. Because, yes you do ride when it’s that cold. And because you really don’t want to stink like exhaust after a long ride, the full-synthetic base stock used to formulate Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil produces minimal exhaust smoke and odor.

Low-quality oil can also cause maintenance headaches, from performance-robbing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber to dirty exhaust power valves. Nobody wants to spend down time cleaning power valves. Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil uses a low-ash synthetic base stock to provide the ultimate high-temperature engine protection and to minimize those deposits, mile after mile.

If you pre-mix oil and gas for an older sled or for racing, Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil has you covered, too. This oil performs in pre-mix applications and stays mixed between rides for dependable performance. Quicksilver recommends following the manufacturer’s specified oil/fuel ratio when pre-mixing. For best results, always pre-mix with care and precision in a separate container, rather than in the snowmobile fuel tank. For thorough mixing add a small amount of gas to your container, then pour it the correct measured amount of oil, and then finish adding the correct amount of gas. Always buy fuel from a trusted source and avoid ethanol-blend fuels when possible. Optimize your snowmobile fuel with the Quicksilver Fuel Care System – Quickare Fuel Treatment, Quickleen Engine and Fuel System Cleaner, and Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer – quality additives designed to protect the fuel system between rides and remove any leftover deposits.

Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil has been formulated to work in all brands of snowmobiles, and to meet the highest quality and performance standards, in air- or liquid-cooled engines, and in oil-injected or pre-mix applications. Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil is available in gallon jugs and quart bottles. Quicksilver lubricants and fuel care products are available through Quicksilver dealers, retailers, and online at Amazon.com. Go to Quicksilver How To Buy for more information.

Quicksilver Full Synthetic Snowmobile Oil meets or exceeds manufacturers’ warranty requirements. Using this oil will not void manufacturer warranties. Exceeds JASO FD and ISO EGD.

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