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Pros & Technology

When I [Jacob Powroznik] was growing up, if I wanted to learn about fishing, I looked to the men in my life to teach me. Just as many of the other professional anglers did. If one of my idols was fishing in a tournament, we went to the lake and watched them weigh in or waited until an article was published about the tournament in the newspaper or in a magazine.

For myself and probably most men out there, we still love getting the Bassmaster Magazine and do our best reading on the throne. And yes, we learn a lot while in there. Getting the magazines and newspapers as a kid was so awesome because after your parents were done reading the newspaper you could cut out the “how-to” article tips and photos of your bass fishing idols. The weekly fishing reports in the local newspaper were the best part of the week. And for me, they would be the most reading I would do voluntarily as a kid.

If you wanted to know what new fishing products were out on the market, you went to your local retail store or to the local bait and tackle shops. Even today going to your local bait and tackle shop is the best place to go. I don’t know anywhere else where you can learn to lie so well about how big your fish was and how it just got away.

But times have changed, and technology has really taken off. It has changed the fishing game big time. Along with the changes in technology came the social media sites. Let me be the first to admit that I have been stubborn about getting on the social media bandwagon. But after some long hard thoughts, I have come to realize how awesome social media can be. For us “seasoned” folks, could you just imagine what it would have been like to watch Bassmaster icons like Ray Scott, Hank Parker, Zell Rowland and many others, live in action on the water? Right at your fingertips, cellphones, tablets and computers allow you to see the action live.

The social media platforms have seriously changed the way you get to interact with professional anglers. So, when Bookface [Facebook] and Instapic [Instagram] and Twistle [Twitter] came about, I was lost. See I’m not a tech-savvy person, and just posting a pic was like me trying to do open heart surgery. Finally, I learned how to post a pic and then here comes all these new bells and whistles on these sites, and I was lost again.

But the reality of it is that with social media we get to interact a lot more with the fans and with each other. It helps when we are away from our families. They get to see what we are doing and how well or sometimes how bad we are doing in the tournaments. Our fans get to learn about new products that are coming out even before they hit the stores. Social media has helped anglers reach out to the fishing community and help spread the word on the conservation of our lakes and rivers. Its given us a platform to help teach the youth how to fish and get them excited about fishing, and frankly that to me is the best part. Seeing a child excited about catching their first bass, well it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Growing and keeping the sport of fishing going strong for years to come is a passion for me, and if one of my social media posts, pics or videos, sparks a child’s interest in fishing then its all worth it.

Fishing pros’ social media lets you into our daily lives, and you learn so much about us and the sport.

For all the competitive professional anglers, our fans and supporters keep the sport of fishing going, and we are extremely grateful and appreciate you more than you will ever know. The best form of flattery to an angler – when you aren’t face to face with them in person – is to like, follow and comment on our social media sites. Reading the comments you post on my social media also helps me get to know my fans on an even more personal basis and helps me know what you want to see or learn, so I know what to post for you. When you click the like button on those videos I know that I have done something right or maybe made you laugh. Even on those days when the fishing just didn’t go the way I really wanted it to go, reading your comments of encouragement really does help. So, keep on liking, commenting and following your favorite angler because we truly appreciate it and pay attention to what you have to say.

So, until my next post, pic or video, keep on fishing!

-Jacob Powroznik

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