Katherine Legge Battles for the Championship at Petit LeMans – Quicksilver Q Crew
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Katherine Legge Battles for the Championship at Petit LeMans

This is a big weekend for Q Crew member Katherine Legge at Meyer Shank Racing. In Petit Le Mans, the final GT Daytona race of the season, Katherine challenges for the drivers championship, just six points out of first place.

Be sure to let Kat know you are joining the Q Crew in rooting for her this weekend by posting a like or a comment here. She’ll be checking during the weekend and always appreciates the support of her teammates and fans.

Katherine is one of the most personable racers you will ever meet. Once again, she took a few minutes to chat with the Q Crew about her experiences.

QCrew: First, we want you to know that the whole Q Crew is very excited and we’re all rooting for you this weekend as you take the fight for the GTD championship into the final race of the season. All of us, whether on the Water Team, Land Team and Snow Team are all sending our best wishes for victory!

Legge: Aw, that’s awesome, Thanks!

QCrew: We know you race to win every time, but now that you’re in the final race of the season and battling for the championship, will you prepare differently? Has the strategy or acceptable risk profile or your mental preparation changed a little bit given the importance of this race?

Legge: Actually, no. I have prepared exactly the same as I always do. The team will tell us drivers how many risks to take, and how hard to push, depending on where we sit throughout the race compared to the 48 car. This this will normally come on the radio or the box. We will always go out there and do our best. Like we do at every race! Trying to stay cool, calm and collected will be key as there is a lot on the line.QCrew: What a year this has been! Building on last year’s wins, you and the Meyer Shank Racing Team have been hyper-competitive this season.

Legge: Both can be attributed to how far the team have come and their fantastic strategy and pit stops. Also, I’ve become very comfortable in this amazing Acura. While I have driven many types of cars, from Indycar to DTM, a GT3 car is a completely different animal. For example, this is my first car with ABS.

QCrew: And this year you’ve added NASCAR to this list of experiences!

Legge: Yes! It’s fantastic fun. Let me say thank you again to Quicksilver and the Q Crew for your support at Road America! It was great to see you all there. I’ve wanted to drive NASCAR for a long time and I hope to be able to continue to race and progress in those cars.

QCrew: You pull some long stints behind the wheel in these races. That must be pretty tiring! What is your physical training workout to prepare for racing?

Legge: Last October I did a half Ironman for fun! Seriously we try to mix it up between cardio and strength training, but mostly running, biking and cross training keep us fit, strong and concentrated.

QCrew: Yeah, a half ironman for fun. Right. In addition to natural talent and skill well-honed by practice and experience, it must take an iron stomach to survive those long sessions behind the wheel in an endurance race. Do the cornering forces ever make you just a little seasick?

Legge: (Laughs) Its really funny as I am usually super motion sick! But never in a race car. Not yet anyway!

Katherine Legge is a multi-series racing driver who is having another incredible year with her new team Micheal Shank Racing in 2017. Born in England, she competed successfully in various series in Europe such as British Formula 3, British Formula Renault 2000 and DTM. Now a resident of the US, Katherine continues to make her mark and is quite at home on the winner’s podium.


Kathering is right at home on the podium.







Photographs by Brian Cleary http://BCPix.com, MSR, Chris Owens, and the QCrew

Thanks to Michael Shank Racing http://www.michaelshankracing.com  , IMSA.com, KatherineLegge.com and GoQCrew.com

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