Innovative Flo-Torq SSR Hub Kit Quiets Shift Clunk and Protects the Outboard Drivetrain – Quicksilver Q Crew
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Innovative Flo-Torq SSR Hub Kit Quiets Shift Clunk and Protects the Outboard Drivetrain

You won’t find the term “shift clunk” in any outboard technical manual, but most boaters are familiar with the annoying bang sound that an outboard might make when shifted from neutral to forward or reverse gear. It’s the noise created when freeplay in the drivetrain is taken up as the parts in the system engage one another to turn the propeller.

Service experts assure us that shift clunk is not damaging to the outboard gearcase, but who wants to hear it? To cure the clunk, Quicksilver offers the Flo-Torq® SSR prop hub kit, a modular, replaceable hub that’s designed to slide into many popular props from Quicksilver and Mercury Marine®.

Flo-Torq SSR is the latest hub kit offering in the popular Quicksilver Flo-Torq family of products. It’s designed for use with many Mercury engines, ranging from 40hp outboards with the Command Thrust gearcase up to 225hp outboards. The hub fits a 1-inch prop shaft and is intended for general-purpose, non-surface-piercing applications.

The innovation behind Flo-Torq SSR is Quicksilver’s proven Soft-Shift Rubber technology, which virtually eliminates shift clunk by absorbing much of the energy generated when the prop engages. In fact, Flo-Torq SSR is the quietest hub system ever offered by Quicksilver – up to 23% quieter than the Flo-Torq II hub that preceded it. Updated materials also address the issue of prop rattle, which can occur in some low-speed situations. In just a few minutes, you can easily install the new Flo-Torq SSR system in many prop models and enjoy an instant reduction in noise when shifting.

The advantages of Soft-Shift Rubber don’t end with a quiet ride. The Flo-Torq SSR hub is also designed to protect the drivetrain from impact. If the prop contacts a hard bottom or debris in the water, for instance, the hub can absorb that shock. In the event of a major impact, the hub can give way to protect the very expensive gearcase components from damage. If the prop itself is not severely damaged, the Flo-Torq SSR hub can be replaced following an impact, which is one more reason why a prepared captain keeps a spare on board, along with the tools required to change the prop.

The premium Flo-Torq SSR hub kit is a handy upgrade that delivers quieter performance and the peace of mind that your investment is protected.

More Hubs for More Applications

Quicksilver offers a wide array of hub kits that work with most leading marine engine brands and for a variety of applications. Click here to learn more about the full lineup, including Flo-Torq SSR HD and Flo-Torq SSR Solid hubs for high-performance Mercury engine applications.

Where to Find Quicksilver Products

Quicksilver propellers, hub kits, tools and supplies are available through Quicksilver dealers, many popular retailers that carry marine and powersports products, and online at Go to Quicksilver Where To Buy for more information.

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