For Maximum Performance and Protection, Consider Full-Synthetic Oil for Your Four-Stroke Engine – Quicksilver Q Crew
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For Maximum Performance and Protection, Consider Full-Synthetic Oil for Your Four-Stroke Engine

Thanks to the evolution of four-stroke engine technology within the marine space, maintaining many of today’s most popular outboard, sterndrive and inboard engines is easier than ever. For many four-stroke engine owners, the most critical maintenance task is to change the engine oil and filter once a year.

In every case, you should consult your engine owner’s manual to ensure you’re following the right maintenance schedule and using the recommended grade of oil and proper oil filter. From there, which oil you use comes down to the level of protection and performance you want for your engine.

Quicksilver offers many of its four-stroke marine engine oil grades in multiple formulas, including mineral, synthetic blend and full synthetic. Think of it as the “good, better, best” system: They’re all premium oils that can help extend the life of your marine engine, but the higher up the scale you choose, the more protection and performance you get. You can select what’s right based on the demands you place on your engine.

If you push your engine to extremes like Quicksilver Pro Team member and pro bass angler Cooper Gallant, or if you simply like the peace of mind of maximum engine protection, you’ll want to go with the “best” choice and select a full-synthetic product, like the all-new Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic. Just be sure it’s the proper grade of oil recommended for your engine.

In this Quicksilver video, Gallant breaks down some of the advantages of Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic, which he uses in his Mercury® 4.6L V8 250hp Pro XS® outboard. Gallant also outlines the basic procedure for changing the oil in a four-stroke outboard, showing just how simple it is to complete the job. For many other DIY boaters, the process will be similar, but use the tools and procedures recommended for your engine.

Mercury recommends 10W-30 for all its V8 and V6 outboards. Likewise, many other leading marine engine manufacturers recommend 10W-30 oil for their modern four-stroke engines. Where 10W-30 is recommended, Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic meets the warranty requirements of all leading marine engine manufacturers.

The Toughest, Strongest 10W-30 Oil from Quicksilver

For Gallant and many others, Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic is the best choice because of its ability to lubricate, prevent corrosion and help keep internal engine parts clean even in extreme conditions – like what bass anglers encounter while running at high speeds and competing year-round in all types of weather.

Generally, full-synthetic oils contain fewer impurities than synthetic blends or mineral oils. They also do a better job of resisting breakdown, or shearing, which occurs when stress from the engine operating at high temperatures causes the oil to permanently lose its viscosity.

Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic stands alone in terms of shear resistance. In testing, it delivered the highest level of viscosity retention among the industry’s leading 10W-30 full-synthetic marine engine oils.

This is accomplished through a unique formulation. While many leading competitors rely on viscosity modifiers to thicken their 10W-30 multigrade oils, those modifiers will break down over time, reducing wear protection. Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic was specially formulated without viscosity modifiers, resulting in zero shear loss and improved wear protection. This gives the Quicksilver product the flexibility to perform in a broad range of conditions, from maintaining proper engine lubrication at high temperatures to ensuring reliable cold starts.

The advanced formula also includes a marine-specific additive package with higher levels of detergents, dispersants and anti-wear additives (including ZDDP, a highly effective lubricant compound) than any other 10W-30 oil in the Quicksilver lineup. These high-performance additives are vital for fending off corrosion and sludge in moisture-ridden environments and during periods of extended storage.

While Quicksilver 10W-30 Full Synthetic delivers maximum engine protection for boaters who demand the best, the Quicksilver lineup of premium marine engine oils includes options to help extend the life of just about any marine engine – no matter your boating needs. To find a retailer, check out Quicksilver Where To Buy.

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