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Beer or Champagne?

Alright QCrew, we all do it sometimes. When hanging out at the race track after an event, after taking off our helmets and gloves and opening our first beverage after the track has gone cold for the day, we speak disparagingly of a highly shined “garage queen” car or bike sitting in the infield. But we petrolheads are really a welcoming lot, and in a quieter moment away from the smell of race fuel and the adrenaline of fresh competition we will admit to admiring the art and elegance of the classics. In fact, some of us actually attend and participate in car shows and – gasp – even a Concours d’Elegance from time to time.

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Back to Bonneville

As you know, the QCrew is no stranger to Land Speed Record Racing (Quicksilver Motorcycle Land Speed Record). After a couple years of bad conditions on the salt at Bonneville it is a thrill to see new records being set again. Danny Thompson’s story of setting a new piston powered record of over 400 miles per hour last week (August 14, 2016) is particularly inspiring because he did it to fulfill a dream of his father, Mickey, in his original racer from 40 year ago.

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Summer Is Here! Is Your Grill Ready?

Whether your grill is in the front or in the back, it serves at least two purposes.  First - it's how the air gets in to the engine compartment so mix with that immaculate fuel we've prepared with Quicksilver Fuel Care. Second - well, just look at...


Jay Leno has the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the most powerful and exotic cars money can buy in his show “Jay Leno’s Garage”, causing feelings of envy and desire among his viewers.  The former “Tonight Show” host has turned his passion for...

You Put What in a Mini?

There are no words.  Except - we want to drive one! Quicksilver Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil...

Do You Dream in Italian?

In Italy, Leonardo Frigerio and his brother spent their free time refurbishing and racing vintage cars.  They worked together as brothers and as competitors, finding, fixing and racing cars on some of the great tracks of Europe.  Certainly there were bets on which was better, but one day the two took on a different bet – could they build from scratch a car like the master craftsmen of the 1950s golden age?  Is it a dream?

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Double Down!

Conceived as a project to showcase their performance coatings, Jet-Hot worked with Atlanta hot rod builder Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto. “Double Down” is the resulting 1932 Ford-based Cannonball race tribute car was built to run at the outer limits of performance.  After spending a few mesmerizing minutes taking in the totality of this amazing design, you begin to take in the details and notice – it’s all-wheel-drive!

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A video about an Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV. Honest.

“A car enthusiast must have owned an Alfa Romeo at some point before they can be considered a true petrolhead.”  This quote is famously attributed to Jeremey Clarkson while he was hosting the BBC’s Top Gear television series. 

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SPITTING FLAMES AT #74MM! 2016 Goodwood Members Meeting

We take care of your fuel.  After that, do with it as you will.  Quicksilver Fuel Care. What are the hallmark features of a certifiably badass historic racer? Fly-spattered, panel-beaten coachwork? An obnoxious roar? A stripped-out interior complete with contextually out-of-place modern racing seat? All of the...

How Much Oil??

This drive in an oil cooled classic was brought to you by our friends at Dues Customs.


A classic Porsche 911 is an iconic and aspirational car – c’mon, you know you’ve always wanted one. By “classic” we mean a 911 with an air cooled engine. 

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2015 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase by Brad Peck

This is my second flipbook style video. Unlike my previous flipbook video, I shot these photos with the intent to produce this video. This video features 2,263 of the 12,000 photos I captured over 3 days during the 2015 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase at...

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