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Greasing Your Outboard Motor: Quicksilver 2-4-C

Greasing your outboard engine is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Johnathan Stuckey explains the areas to use 2-4-C, why to use it and how often you should use it....

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring

Spring is here and it is officially time to take those bikes out of storage and get them back out on the street.  If you winterized your bike, it should be almost ready to ride, but if not, getting your bike ‘road-ready’ might take a...

Quicksilver Anthem

Quicksilver Products has a history spanning back to 1950. It's history is one that not many have. Coming from a company that lives and breathes marine engines, Quicksilver's technology and testing of its products is unsurpassed.  Quicksilver is Performance, Protection, and Peace of Mind, in...

Spring Start-Up Checklist

Spring is here and our friends at discover boating created this Spring Start Up Checklist. For millions of boaters in the U.S. spring means that it’s time to take their boats out of winter storage and put them in the water. For many boaters, annual preparation...

Basic Snowmobile Maintenance

Winter is coming so it’s time for all the snowmobile enthusiasts to get your snowmobiles ready. Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your snowmobile in good condition. Tune-ups, checkups, and once overs are key to having a successful snowmobile season. The following maintenance tips should...

Johnathan Stuckey Fishing: Boat Overview and Maintenance

Boat Maintenance by Johnathan Stuckey   A boat is an expensive undertaking and with ethanol fuels preventative maintenance is crucial to the long and reliable life of your boat. My maintenance schedule is very routine and yours should be too. I use Quicksilver Quickare at every fill...

Mama Tried Motorcycle Invitational

Quicksilver is excited to sponsor the upcoming annual Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee, WI - - the tribal homeland of beer, brats, and bikes.  For the uninitiated, Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is THE Midwest winter invitational showcasing some of the heartland's best and/or unique...

A Particular Gentleman

A beautiful Guzzi, a passion, a worthy cause, and 'being right in that moment'.  Kudos to Union Garage for their bittersweet production of "This Particular Ride".  This short film chronicles Steve Kupershmid's participation in The Distringuished Gentleman's Ride and his contribution toward trying to make...

Built, Not Bought. Episode 7

What is the opposite of a Rat Rod? Waaay over on the other side of the spectrum of hot rods you will find “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.” This coveted title is awarded annually at the Grand National Roadster Show, and the winner is honored by being added to the huge AMBR trophy and receiving a $10,000 grand prize check. The 2016 winner is a first-time entrant!

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Evolution of the Man Cave

Taking the concept of the Man Cave or Taj Ma Garage one step further, we arrive at the Garage Condo. This is way beyond just fixing up the attached garage at your homestead, or even building a separate building on your lot somewhere. This is a...

Stroke 4: Blow. Fourth in a Four-Part Series

After the Big Bang of combustion when we made [most of] our coveted horsepower, we have to eliminate the waste – blow the by-products of the explosion out of the engine. It’s really just housekeeping – the cleanup phase, right?  A throw away stroke in the four-stroke internal combustion engine? Au contraire mon frère! The exhaust stroke is important to us petrol heads for at least a couple of reasons. One is a technical reason and one is a spiritual reason.

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Stroke 3: Bang! Third in a Four-Part Series

You can call it “ignition” or “combustion.” Here at the QCrew we call the third stroke “Bang!”  Let’s review: Some gorgeous intake systems have been created to Suck the combined air and fuel into the cylinders where the handsome high-compression pistons we stared at for hours before installing in our engines where their beauty can no longer be appreciated except in our fond memories have now Squeezed the mixture into a potent bomb waiting to explode. Bang! The spark plug provides the triggering event.

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Built, Not Bought. Episode 5.

What are a father and son to do with a free weekend when Mom is away?  Let’s build a car.  Let’s build a rat rod. Start with a [poorly] chopped 1927 Ford Model T sedan body, purchased as an abandoned project, add 40 feet of 2X4x3/16” steel tubing in the garage, and a set of axles just laying around.  This was Father’s Day weekend 2013.  By Sunday night, the body was sitting on a frame and the suspension mocked up. 

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Built, Not Bought. Episode 4

While we love custom built high displacement bikes, there is still room in our fantasy garage for the right two-stroke.  Not just a ringy-ding-ding bike, but a cool urban hipster on which we can arrive at our favorite mid-town watering hole with a roar and a glorious cloud of fragrant purple smoke.

Chris Zahner (of NYC, natch) has built just such a bike.  This is his creation, built from the bones of a 1975 Yamaha DT 250.

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