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Katherine Legge and Quicksilver in the xfinity Johnsonville 180

It was only her second appearance in a NASCAR event, and Katherine Legge is already a force to be reckoned with. After a disappointing DNF at Mid-Ohio with an engine-related failure, her JD Motorsports Camaro was refitted for the Johnsonville 180 at Road America in...


Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear. Tribology is a branch of mechanical engineering and materials science.

Not the design and application of warrior tattoos.

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Built, Not Bought. Episode 7

What is the opposite of a Rat Rod? Waaay over on the other side of the spectrum of hot rods you will find “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.” This coveted title is awarded annually at the Grand National Roadster Show, and the winner is honored by being added to the huge AMBR trophy and receiving a $10,000 grand prize check. The 2016 winner is a first-time entrant!

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Babes Ride Out

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is fast approaching this month and is becoming more well known and successful each year. Some members of the QCrew, however, don't traditionally qualify to ride in this event. For you, here's a look at another organized ride that is taking...

Start me up!

Connect your device to appropriate speakers and turn up the volume. Petrolheads will appreciate the pure symphony of 12 cylinders coming to life!

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Beer or Champagne?

Alright QCrew, we all do it sometimes. When hanging out at the race track after an event, after taking off our helmets and gloves and opening our first beverage after the track has gone cold for the day, we speak disparagingly of a highly shined “garage queen” car or bike sitting in the infield. But we petrolheads are really a welcoming lot, and in a quieter moment away from the smell of race fuel and the adrenaline of fresh competition we will admit to admiring the art and elegance of the classics. In fact, some of us actually attend and participate in car shows and – gasp – even a Concours d’Elegance from time to time.

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a global ride: revel with a cause

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016, tens of thousands of distinguished gentlefolk in hundreds of cities worldwide will don their cravats, tweak their moustaches, press their tweed and sit astride their classic and vintage styled motorcycles to raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate...

Quicksilver BMW R100RS

Our friend Kevin Hill named this outstanding 1983 BMW R100RS custom build “Quicksilver” after us (about 50 years after us, but that’s another story).  This very clean ‘silver on silver’ cafe racer features contrasting slate grey leather, fully adjustable period handle bars, Raask rearsets, front and rear Brembo brakes, and Hagon shocks. Black upswept cocktail shaker mufflers that make this 1000cc flat twin sound really raucous.

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Back to Bonneville

As you know, the QCrew is no stranger to Land Speed Record Racing (Quicksilver Motorcycle Land Speed Record). After a couple years of bad conditions on the salt at Bonneville it is a thrill to see new records being set again. Danny Thompson’s story of setting a new piston powered record of over 400 miles per hour last week (August 14, 2016) is particularly inspiring because he did it to fulfill a dream of his father, Mickey, in his original racer from 40 year ago.

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Summer Is Here! Is Your Grill Ready?

Whether your grill is in the front or in the back, it serves at least two purposes.  First - it's how the air gets in to the engine compartment so mix with that immaculate fuel we've prepared with Quicksilver Fuel Care. Second - well, just look at...

Evolution of the Man Cave

Taking the concept of the Man Cave or Taj Ma Garage one step further, we arrive at the Garage Condo. This is way beyond just fixing up the attached garage at your homestead, or even building a separate building on your lot somewhere. This is a...

Stroke 4: Blow. Fourth in a Four-Part Series

After the Big Bang of combustion when we made [most of] our coveted horsepower, we have to eliminate the waste – blow the by-products of the explosion out of the engine. It’s really just housekeeping – the cleanup phase, right?  A throw away stroke in the four-stroke internal combustion engine? Au contraire mon frère! The exhaust stroke is important to us petrol heads for at least a couple of reasons. One is a technical reason and one is a spiritual reason.

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Dave’s Custom Boats

QCrew's friend Dave Hemmingson, the founder of Dave’s Custom Boats, is making some fantastic boats and we thought you’d like to see some of his latest creations. Using the acronym DCB, Hemmingson has been building high performance boats more than two decades and has led...

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